Our Hallie Mae

On 27th June 2023, my husband, daughter and I tragically lost our soon to be welcomed daughter Hallie Mae at almost 37 weeks. After going on a short trip, we became concerned when she hadn’t moved for a short amount of time, which was unusual for her.

A trip to the local hospital confirmed that she had gained her angel wings and on 30th June she came into this world peacefully sleeping and already ready to move on to her next adventure – one on which we heartbreakingly couldn’t follow. We later found out through genetic testing that she had Patau’s Syndrome, a rare and serious condition whereby the body makes an additional copy of chromosome 13. Hallie was 1 within the 10% of babies where this isn’t discovered through the usual screening tests and scans.

Whilst we now know she would have had an extremely limited life had she have not been born sleeping, nothing takes away the fact that as parents, we had lost our beautiful addition, and for our 6-year-old daughter, she had lost the younger sister she had been patiently waiting for and so looking forward to growing with.

Hallie’s uncle Dan cut fresh lavender from the garden and whilst we spent time with her in the hospital, this bouquet stayed with her, creating a beautiful and calming scent in her room. The smell of lavender has become synonymous with our Hallie Mae and when we laid her body to rest, the men in her life proudly wore a sprig of lavender to keep her close to us all.

Not long after Hallie was born sleeping, an incredibly close friend, and the inspiration behind this passion, created a selection of wax melts not only in honour of our daughter, but to raise funds for The Primrose Room at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the place that allowed us to say hello and goodbye to our girl. Thanks to our wonderful friend, Claire, we were able to have the scent of lavender, rose and geranium, honeysuckle and Peony around our home and over an incredible £250 was raised for the Primrose Room.

Although the Hallie Mae collection has now finished, the comfort it brought our family during those particularly dark days will never be forgotten.

So why have we chosen birth flowers?

Using Hallie’s birth flowers in wax melts was really important to us, it was soothing to smell the beautiful scents around our home, it gave us some peace and tranquility.

Birth flowers give us an insight into the month they represent and allow us to appreciate those we love, and ourselves. 

Back in ancient Roman times people believed that birth flowers brought luck and protection, at Cherished Creations we want that for our customers. 


Hallie RIP our beautiful, loved daughter and precious little sister.

'Our girl our world'.