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Cherished Creations

Selection Bags

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Not sure which scent to try? Why not try 3 of our selection bags! 

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Snowdrops on Roses: Embrace the delicate charm of a winter garden.
Parma Violet: Experience the nostalgic sweetness of violet blooms.
Daffodil & Vanilla: Indulge in the elegance of spring florals and comforting vanilla.
Daisy Chain: Capture the freshness and beauty of a blossoming meadow.
White Lily & Rose: Elevate your space with the opulence of white lily and rose.
Rose: Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of blooming roses.
Honeysuckle: Enjoy the sweet and alluring fragrance of honeysuckle blossoms.
Fresh Meadow: Transform your space into a fragrant haven of meadows and greens.
Poppy Flower: Revel in the opulent and captivating scent of musky florals.
Cosmos: Find tranquillity under the starry night sky with fresh herbal notes.
Angel: Experience the divine elegance and grace of this captivating scent.
Hollyberry: Welcome the joy and magic of the holiday season with this fragrance.
Lavender: Enjoy the soothing and calming aroma of fresh lavender blossoms.

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